Sunday, July 25, 2010

What a busy last couple of days!

Bj has been on his four days off since friday! We have been so busy! Thanks to my mom and a special friend we were able to go out thursday and friday night and spend some much needed time together! We have had birthday parties and lots of other things going on...we are getting ready to head to church in a little while. I promised some of my Happy Mommy friends some yummy recipes sooooooo when we get back from church and things have gotten quiet (imagine that) I will post some of my favorites!! I have a LARGE binder of recipes from over the years so get ready....there will be lots more to come! I hope everyone has had a great weekend! I know we have!
Blog ya soon!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ten Years of Understanding and Grace! Happy Anniversary to my Love!!

Ten years ago today (well at 2:15) I married my sweet friend BJ! I say friend because thats what we were first, thats when I truly saw his heart and when I feel in love with him! We have been through the valley together, to the mountain top and back to the valley..lolol! Some days I look at him and envision my last name being BOBBIT instead of Babin..lolol! Im sure he has had OJ Simpson type thoughts of me! However we stuck it out. Through six years of infertility, the pure heart ache of wanting a baby and getting a big fat no month after month....but..we remained faithful and the lord of our life granted our wish. I look at him and think to myself why in the world does this man stay with ME..I'm loud, crazy, emotional and sometimes down right MEAN! I watch him with our children and my heart is happy I pray Garrett is half the man his daddy is! He isn't perfect but he tries and to me he is the world..and to our children he hung the moon and the stars. Its so funny how we went from the couple in the picture below...operating on pure animal attraction, lust and the infatuation stage to who we are now. A couple with a deeper understanding, bigger hearts, adults (we were married when I was 21), stronger and the animal attraction is still there if Ive had more than five hours of sleep..hahaha! He called me today from work and said ..Happy Anniversary Love, I cant afford to buy you a blue diamond(inside joke) but I know my heart would be blue if I didn't have you! Then came the water works..melted my heart when he said that! Marriage is one of the TOUGHEST things next to parenting. I say this because its falling in love, discovering new things, long talks, fighting, fussing, cooking, cleaning and understanding...all with the same person, day after day!? Serious stuff and requires commitment!! Ive known Bj since the third grade. His mom taught religion and history at the school we went to. Who knew that back then the curly head boy in tight wranglers would be MY BABY DADDY..LOL! Someone once told me that love is a choice. Well I choose to love you William Babin all the days of my life..and I hope you choose to keep me forever! Well better get off the computer and find something to wear....we are headed out tonight and tomorrow night ALONE..WITHOUT KIDS...YIPEEEEE!! So excited for talking and time with the love of my life! Happy Marriages to everyone who reads this...pray about it, keep it, fight for it...ITS WORTH IT!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Alert The Media.....There is a New Blogger In Town!!!

Okay! I have been a blog follower for a while now. Ive decided to join the world of blogging in hopes that the hamsters running the rat race in my mind will slowwww dowwwnnn! A little about me..lets see..Im a stay at home mom, I have two children and a husband. There in itself lies one of my many problems. Some where along the way I lost me. I have many titles but Im still trying to find Nikia!  My emotions were at times too much of a roller coaster for even my dear sweet parents to handle so off we went to find a name for it all and thats what we were given! Soooo strap on your seat belt people...because this will be parenting, wife-ing, friending, and churching all NIKIA STYLE!

Dont be afraid. Im happy most of the time. I cry alot! I have a great support system of family and friends and life is down right hilarious at times! I have a secret passion for women...let me clarify...I think women are a unique kind and we all struggle with so much of the same issues but for whatever reason we have trouble connecting on a deeper level! Could it be we are scared of judgment??Hmmmm!! Anyways..if I had one wish it would be that we could all be happy, fufilled, and secure in our own skin and be united as one helping each other along the way....MAYBE ONE DAY!? Please feel free to tell a friend about this blog! I want to give recipes, funny stories and just have fun with this. Wish me luck!