Friday, September 17, 2010

The Lion

The bible refers to the devil in many ways. In 1 Peter 5:8 it talks about the enemy prowling around like a roaring lion...WOW! Ive been thinking about that this morning and what that means for me. I think sometimes we can look around and see the Devil attacking all at once..devouring like a lion. I think more times than not his approach is much slower. Let me explain. He will make us have many consecutive days of our marriage, with our children or in a relationship that God might have put in motion for HIS work. The stress in our marriage might make us start to feel unhappy..which then opens a TINY space for him to work even more. The stressed out mommy might start wondering if she really should be in the home with her children..cause if it is this stressful...then she cant take it. The relationship that was set in motion for good might be ruined by bad thoughts or by looking with our own eyes instead of Gods eyes.

We have had so many people around us rocked, shaked and turned upside down financially. Why?? They are all hardworking men. Men who get up EVERYDAY to support their families! I truly believe its the enemy. He wants our men to be weak, to fill abandoned and discouraged, so hopeless that they begin to seek pleasure in things they shouldnt or just beat themselves up. Our saviour wants none of this. He wants us to know that we are GOOD. That we are always safe with him. While we know these things...its hard sometimes to stay focused when the attack is so present and we are in the throws of anguish and hardship!

Marriages....I dont think there is enough time or typing space to talk about how the devil is trying to ruin families. He sends broken people who are easily led, looking to be fufilled and not really strong in who can be all those things for them and in that split second...vows are broken, families are destroyed and generational curses are fufilled and sometimes started. Why???

Suicide is so prevalent right now! Bj and I know at least EIGHT...yes EIGHT families..including our own who have been shaken by this. Why??? If you look back at the slow process....Being layed off from your job, the loss of a marriage, finances gone down the drain....he moves SLOWLYYYY. Without a strong faith and understanding of who we really serve...HOPELESSNESS AND DOOM take over...and a life is gone!!!

So..what do we do? How do we help? This is what has been resonating with me lately. Make sure the word gets out about church..I dont care what denomination you are. Lead people to your church. God will take care of the rest. Love your spouse. If he is having a ruff day...STOP..the dishes, the cleaning, if you are tired pray for a boost of energy..hug him..tell him it will be alright and pray with him!!! YOU CANNOT CONTAIN THE POWER OF A PRAYING CHRISTIAN!!!(Becoming a Woman of Worth..Becky Drace) Dont be afraid to lift your hubby up..even when you are low...God will give you the strength to do so!!! Remember...our men mirror Christs STRENGTH..we mirror his EMOTION!! Mommies...we are each others BIGGEST source of help. Bring a meal, offer to keep even with the most rowdiest kid..lolol..heck if you cant take it send them to my house..they will fit right in!!! We have got to band together and become such a strong house for those who are hurting that just as with speaking in tongues the devil will not be able to understand or figure out how to attack us. There has been a song playing in my head over and over again lately. It makes me feel unstoppable in this time of spiritual warfare...I hope it speaks to you too!

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  1. One of the best blog posts ever, Kia. :) Amazing.

    When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul. Ps 94:19