Saturday, March 21, 2015

My Love Affair with Skateboarding....

Im not exactly sure when I feel in love with skateboarding. We have had a long road together. Skateboarding first entered my life when I was 8yrs old. Sent to my class to sit in the corner most days due to being the class clown. Little did I know that skateboarding had lost its daddy and was trying to figure out who and what it should be. Skateboarding was cute even then with curly hair and jeans. Skateboarding and I saw bits and pieces of each other as the years went by all the way into highschool. Skateboarding was coming into its own and stayed out of the troubles of drugs and fighting like its peers by spending most days and nights at the skatepark. God was protecting skateboarding even then and it didnt know it.
Skateboarding and I lost touch for a couple of years. After my grandfather died I guess God was ready for our paths to cross again. I stopped at the gas station before heading back to good ole Orange Texas and saw a blue Honda on rims with music BLARING out of the speakers and a cute dark haired beautifully tanned face staring out of the was skateboarding. It asked me for my number and I asked how its mom was doing and replied I could take its number (a lady cant appear too eager). I called skateboarding two weeks later and its mom answered. We talked for a while and I left my number for skateboarding. Skateboarding called me that night at MIDNIGHT....really!!?? I told skateboarding it needed to call me back during normal hours and hung up! Skateboarding must have been up for the challenge because it called back the next day at 11AM. Asked me out and we were literally inseparable from that day on. Skateboarding was fun, intelligent,smart,sweet and kept me laughing until I was in tears most days. I learned at the age of twenty what a best friend was, is and should be. 
On our first real date skateboarding took me to Galveston and as we waited for the heat of the day to pass we ate chilli cheese fries and butter finger blizzards. A year later skateboarding brought me back to that same spot and ordered the same food and put my ring under my fries tray when I went to the bathroom and asked me to be its wife. 
It will be 15 years in four months that skateboarding has been in my life. We have grown up together, been through valleys, peeks, arguments, extended grace to each other and took it back only to extend it again. Ive watched skateboarding excel in the oil and gas field with no college degree (well at the end of august skateboarding will have its degree in marketing...I know skateboardings daddy is smiling down on him). We have encouraged each other when no one else did or would. Skateboarding accepts me just the way I am... loud mouthed, aggressive, emotional and impulsive ole me. Encourages all my many hobbies and made me a mama of two crazy kiddos. I still dont know when I feel in love with skateboarding but I know that I love skateboarding with every beat of my heart and know that skateboarding was created just for me! Thank God for the gift that I call my love.
~Mark 10:9

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